Swamped Chapter 36 Page 9

“What happened to the, conspire… no, not the word… the other two?”


You think that’s the word. You try it out a few times.

“Yes. The con-spir-a-tors. Did you catch them?”

Razor frowns.

“One of them. Unfortunately, Chips only struck the helmet on the other one. And I’m not counting on our captive revealing their accomplice.”

That would not have happened if it had been left to you. But that’s not your concern at the moment.

“They were plotting to start a… mutiny. That was what they said.”

“Yes, you and Chips have both reported that already.”

“Then, the one who escaped… they might go ahead and start it.”

“I’m aware of that possibility. Your concern is appreciated, but unless you have a particular idea how to track them down, this conversation isn’t telling me anything I don’t already know.”

Now that he mentions it, you do have an idea.

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I will start mootiny first.