Swamped Chapter 36 Page 6

Kandria, that’s a word you recognize. Rider’s talked to Bluesight about it every once in a while. It’s a country, one that the Marshguard leadership seems to consider troublesome.

So these two are involved with a hostile nation. That’s something leadership will want to know. More than that, you can’t risk letting them escape.

You reach for your blowdarts, but you can’t seem to find them.

Then you hear two loud thuds. You turn and see Chips with your blowgun in his mouth.

It’s the last thing you see before you pass out.

“Do you even know how long these things last?”

That’s an unpleasantly familiar voice. You slowly open your eyes, and you see Razor glaring at you, with Chips standing beside him and looking worried.

“Well, I suppose we know that now. But I’ll still need to have a few words with you later about using unfamiliar weapons recklessly.”

Chips looks down sadly, then leaves.

“As for you,” Razor says. “I have a few questions.”

You sit up, slowly. You feel a stinging sensation in your wrist; you rub it as your head starts to clear up.

“Go ahead. Ask,” you say.

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Stinger has shown loyalty and competence. For most, that would be enough, but Razor is nothing if not suspicious. He’ll grill you on the usual points, why you didn’t immediately intervene against the seditious pair you encountered, some vauge question to have you prove your loyalty.

But what he really wants to know is how well you can read your native tounge.