Swamped Chapter 36 Page 5

You shake your head, and hold a hand to your ear to indicate listening. Even though they’re trying to be cautious, they’ve dropped some important information. You may not know who they are, but if you hear everything, Razor might be able to work it out.

“You’re right, we’ve got no good excuses if they don’t go ahead with it. Our best option is to report them to get in Razor’s good books, but then someone might blab on us. At least if they go ahead with a mutiny, we can deal with anyone troublesome while we quash it.”

“Well, that’s no good. So what, we’re just supposed to hope they go ahead?”

“Who do you take me for, Mantis? I’m not talking hope, I’m talking persuasion. We’ve got to give the Sisters the idea that now’s the time to act.”

“Are you nuts? We can’t afford to be seen talking to them now, especially not if there’s a mutiny tomorrow!”

“Look, you made the case yourself. If there’s a mutiny, we’ve got a cover story and we can use the chaos to deal with anyone who could contradict it. No mutiny, we’re bound to be discovered.”

“Maybe we should just make a break for it.”

“You want to go back to Kandria empty-handed?”

“…No. And this damn swamp’s the only place we can hide from them.”

You can’t recognize all the words, but this is definitely sounding bad. Should you intervene now? Or wait for them to leave, and then tell Razor what you heard?

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You recognize the word Kandria for certain. See if you have any sleeping-darts left and you can knock…

…why is your dart pouch missing? Chips what are you?

You forgot how much those darts actually sting.