Swamped Chapter 36 Page 4

You think about using your knife as a crude mirror, in hopes of catch a glimpse of whoever’s there. But light goes both ways. If you can get enough light to see them, they might notice the reflection.

Besides, everyone here has masks. You wouldn’t be surprised if these two have theirs on, just in case they get unexpected visitors.

…You feel like a fool. You have a mask, too. Maybe you could have just put it on and made a run for it.

You still could, you suppose, but it’s probably too risky to do it now. It certainly sounds like they don’t want eavesdroppers.

You keep listening, hoping for another clue.

“Well. Let’s get this over with fast. Way I see it, if the Sisters’ mutiny goes through tomorrow as planned, we’ve got no problem; we quash it fast and we can pass anything he asks us about as just keeping an eye on ’em.”

“And what if Razor asks why we didn’t report anything sooner?”

“Well, we didn’t see anything conclusive. But we’d seen enough that once they started to move, we could act quickly to cut them off.”

“Don’t like it. We’ve been at this too long for him to buy that.”

“Yeah, but I think he’s only noticed anything was off in the last week. We can say we were planning to report in a couple of days even if nothing happened.”

“And what if he has noticed what we were up to earlier?”

“Then he would’ve already said something about it. He’s not a patient man, you know.”

“I guess you’d know better than me. So what do we do if they don’t proceed with the mutiny?”

“I was kind of hoping you’d have an idea for that.”

‘Mutiny’ is not a word you’re very familiar with, but you get the distinct impression Razor is going to want to know about what you’ve heard.

Chips, for his part, taps you to get your attention, and shows you his raised fist. He looks at you, his eyes suggesting it’s a question more than a plan.

So, will you go along with it? Or listen some more?

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They already dropped some names, better to listen in some more.