Swamped Chapter 36 Page 3

Too much is at risk. You can work out what Chips wants later. You grab him and lead him into a corner of the storeroom, in a narrow gap between a shelf and a wall. So narrow that it doesn’t look like you could fit into it.

You know better. It takes a little work to hide Chips as well, but it’s the most secure hiding place.

Then, you listen.

“Looks like a table fell over,” someone says.

“That one’s always falling over. Even when I try weighing it down. You got me all panicked for nothing.”

“Can’t fault me for being careful. We’re in deep now. Don’t even see how it does any good to have a meeting at all. Just means someone might spot us.”

“Believe me, I know the risks. But there’s no way around it. We need to make sure our cover stories line up. If there’s something weird, Razor’s sure to look into it.”

“I thought you said you’d pinned enough on Viper to keep him off of us!”

“That’s what I thought, too. But somewhere along the line, he figured out it was a false trail. So we definitely need to make sure we’re ready for him.”

You don’t know who these people are. You only recognize a few Marshguards’ voices, and these ones aren’t familiar at all. You glance over at Chips, but you can’t tell what he’s thinking at all.

One thing’s clear, though – Chips wasn’t the only one who wanted a place away from prying eyes tonight.

What should you do?

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You’ve got a piece of shiny metal equipment (like a knife) that you can use to surreptitiously sneak a glance at the speakers (via reflection) without leaving your hiding place.

Reflections might be dangerous, If they’re cautious, and on guard, which it sounds like they may be, they could be on the lookout for anything out of place. Listening might just be enough for now, try to get important details or information that would lead you to their identities, or at least you can possibly foil their plans if they mean harm.

Chips seems oddly calm in this situation.