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You’re now Stinger, and you feel like you’ve gotten in over your head a bit.

That card game earlier piqued your curiosity, but you haven’t been able to find Corvus, Rivers, or Starling. And most of the other Marshguards don’t seem to want to talk cards for some reason.

Which led you to Chips here. Seems you asked enough questions to get his attention. But considering he asked you to meet him in a corner of the fortress where no one else seems to be around, you can’t help but feel this isn’t just a friendly game of cards.

Chips deals some cards to you and himself, then he pulls one out of his hand and puts it face-down. He gives you a glance that suggests you should do the same.

You look over your cards, but really, they don’t mean much to you. They’re just a mess of symbols. You know what they are, enough that you were able to follow the game earlier, but you just can’t see how anyone would pick one over another.

You just pick one at random and put it face down. Chips nods to acknowledge, then lifts a card from the deck.

He points at the little number on it. You think that’s a three. Then he puts two cards in his hand down. He points at your card, and looks inquisitively at you.

You saw enough in the game earlier that you think you understand this. He’s asking if you have a three. You put down a… five, you think? You double-check.

It’s a five. You shake your head. Chips slides his two cards over to you, then motions to the deck. It seems to be your turn.

This card is an… eight? You have trouble counting all the symbols. It takes you a few attempts. Chips just waits patiently.

The symbol seems to be a rock. Eight of rocks? That doesn’t seem quite right, but it’s not as if the words matter right now.

Well, you think you remember the rules. You can guess if the number or the symbol matches his card. But you have to put your own cards at risk to do that, like he just did.

So, what’s your move?

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No risk, no reward. Guess!

After guessing wrong, flip the card table over in frustration and demand to know what this is really about.