Swamped Chapter 35 Page 10

“There’s a mountain range over that way I recognize,” you say, pointing. “Looks like an enormous jawbone when you see it all at once. It’s in about the middle of the desert, so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out where we are.”

You put down the goggles and pull out a map you swiped from Pubert. It’s not as detailed as your own, but it’s got the overall shape accurately enough for you to mark things.

You put down a mark where you know the camp is, and another where you’d estimate your current location. Then you hand it off to Rider.

“Thank you. Is there any reason I shouldn’t take the most direct route?” he asks. “Any nocturnal predators to be concerned of, or hazards that aren’t on the map?”

“Nothing route-specific, really. I think you know enough to be careful if a full-grown burrower surfaces, or if you see another sandstorm. Or, y’know, if those Dune Wanderer guys catch up to us. But all that’s unlikely to begin with, so you might as well take the quickest route so there’s less time for any of it to happen. Oh, but there’s one other thing you might need to keep an eye out for.”

“And what would that be?”

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Migration season for some of the local fauna.
No, not the cute and fluffy kind.

The kind that will be very interested in the lizard worm.

In a parental sense. Poor guy is just in it’s 10 foot larval stage right now.

Starling! Get off that thing! I don’t care if it likes you. Come down here and learn to ride a normal mount with legs.

Bonus points if Rider is freaking the fuck out from all the animals. Like, these are brand new animals he’s never seen, let alone heard of.