Swamped Chapter 35 Page 9

You make note of where the sun is. That will help you plan your route, but you still need to know your starting point.

You stop and get in the wagon. You make a note to get the lizard-worm back to its place on top.

“The storm stopped, rather suddenly,” you say. Yvonne seems surprised, but you continue. “Unsurprisingly, we’ve been thrown off course, and I need help determining where we are.”

“Can you still see the pillar?” Yvonne asks.

“No,” you say. But then you spot Marshall’s long goggles. “But I haven’t used every tool at hand. Marshall, can I borrow those?”

You step out, taking the lizard-worm and Yvonne with you. You still can’t see the pillar, or anything familiar, so you hand them to Yvonne. She’s probably more aware of the desert’s few landmarks than you are. Besides, your eyesight isn’t what it used to be.

You’re now Yvonne. Rider’s strapping the lizard-worm to the roof again, and you’re standing up there to see what you can spot in the distance.

What familiar sights do you notice?

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Looks like the Jawbone Mountains over yonder.