Swamped Chapter 35 Page 8

As everyone else gets to covering up the holes from the inside, you find yourself feeling helpless. Out of ideas.

And so you resort to the same thing you’ve fallen back on for most of today.

You start making the sound of a crow. It’s rather silly how much practice you’ve had at this.

You’re now Rider. You’ve taken down the shelter for the horses already, and you were just about to start taking down the poles when you heard a remarkably close rendition of a crow call inside the wagon.

And then you happened to glance out from under the cover. The figures in the distance seem confused. They’re standing still, and the one with the glowing eye seems to be looking upward.

Could that crow call be throwing them off? Curious. You wouldn’t expect them to be able to hear it that far off, and even if they could, you’d assume they’d have a better sense of its direction.

Well, you don’t have much time to think about that. You need to get the wagon moving. You strike the poles and pull the cloth off. For now, you don’t have time to secure them, or the horse shelter.

Instead, you leave them in the sand and drive off, as fast as the desert horses will let you go. The sand bounces off your cloak painfully.

And then, all of a sudden… the storm around you stops.

You glance behind you. The storm has completely faded. That’s much sooner than Yvonne expected. There’s no sign of the strange figures either, though it’s hard to be sure now – the sun is setting and there’s not much light.

The best thing to do now is get to Yvonne’s camp as soon as possible. But you’ve lost track of your intended route, between the raiders and the storm. You need to work out where you are.

How can you do that?

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The setting sun should at least give you a general sense of direction. Better check with both Pubert and Yvonne to get your bearings on where you were and where to head now.

Assuming you’ve got your bearings, travel by night could be less brutal than during the day… we just don’t want to end up toppling down some cliff.


Setting sun should help, yes, but definitely check in with the rest of the group of ducklings to see if any of them have ideas. Who knows, maybe Pubert has perfect sense of direction somehow and always knows which way they’re facing. Or maybe Yvonne’s gate compass c an be of some help? Or maybe Corvus has another weird idea.