Swamped Chapter 34 Page 13

It doesn’t take you long to settle on what you’re doing. When in doubt, go for the guy who’s shouting orders.

You plant your mudpike in the sand and use it as leverage to vault onto his desert horse, colliding with him in the process. You don’t quite drop him off the horse, but you’ve got his attention at least.

He tries to shout, but by then you’ve already started punching him in the face.

“Down!” Rider shouts suddenly. You grab your sparring partner by the shoulders and dive off the horse with him, moments before you feel a bolt just barely whizzing past your elbow.

You’re having a hard time keeping track of what’s going on around you; wrestling someone tends to require a lot of your attention. You think you hear the wagon start moving, followed by incomprehensible shouts.

What should you do now? Is there a good way to take this guy out of the fight fast, or are you better off just disengaging?

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He’s still the leader dude, so I’d say shove his face in the sand and try to stop him shouting any more orders


Take him down! BUT.

Suggestion: Roll to swap positions. Put him between you and possible crossbow? Or maybe wait until Rider (hopefully) warns you again? OR- Maybe… uh.. battlefield reading? Probably no way for you to know when someone’s going to fire at you, but you gotta get better at fighting some day and now would be a really useful time.

TL;DR – Kick this guy’s ass. Go for the knock out, or at least knock the wind or eyesight outta him so you can get the advantage, and maybe use him as a human shield in case of getting shot.