Swamped Chapter 34 Page 12

You glance over to Marshall.

“Okay, get ready,” you say.


And with that, you shove the door open with your mudpike. A moment later, a wadded-up bedsheet goes flying through.

It spreads out, catching two of the raiders as it expands.

“Right. Starling, get in the driver’s seat, and get moving fast. I’ll help out Rider. Rivers, you’re in charge while I’m gone.”

“What the hell? Why me?”

You don’t answer. You just rush out into the confused crowd, slamming the door shut behind you.

It looks like there’s eight Dune Wanderers here. Rider’s knocked three of them off their mounts and is moving to either grab or break their crossbows, and two are tangled up in the sheet.

That leaves three. One of them doesn’t have his crossbow ready; instead he seems to be shouting orders at the other two. Both of them are aiming at Rider. They don’t seem to have taken notice of you just yet.

What’s your next move?

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Flying tackle the shouting guy. Bonus points if you pin him with his horse.
I agree with AgentBlue here. At WORST? You’re about to essentially pick a fight with someone who might be the boss of these guys, which means probably gonna be tiring to handle. but At BEST or even… maybe… At Normal? If you cut this guy off mid sentence with your flying tackle/possible horse pin, you might distract the archer guys long enough for Rider to move to a more advantageous position, or even completely distract one of/them. I mean, that means pointy things flying at you, but divide and conquer and all that!