Swamped Chapter 34 Page 6

“Look. I’m the only one here with any idea of who we’re dealing with. Plus, you’re going to have trouble opening the lockbox with the stone in it without me.”

Corvus sizes you up.

“Now hold on a minute,” he says. “You didn’t say it’s in a lockbox. Wouldn’t that mean this lot would be stuck without it if they killed you?”

“I figure they were planning to take it then kill me. Or maybe they thought something was up when they saw your man driving the wagon. Look, the point is…”

You feel the wagon stop suddenly.

“…well, the first point is we don’t have time for a lot of arguments, since it seems he’s going to meet with them momentarily.”

“Yeah, well, too bad for you,” Corvus says. “If you know anything useful, spit it out.”

“There’s too much to just tell you!”

“Then you’d better start with the most important part.”

You want to glare at him, but most of the effect would be lost under your goggles. Like you said, though, no time for arguing.

What should you tell him?

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The lockbox also has a bomb, and you don’t know how to deal with that either. Let me go and I’ll disarm it.

You’re choice as to whether he’s lying or not. : p

There’s a poisonous animal, too.