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Truth be told, the rest of you aren’t really intimidating.

You’ve got a good build for it, you suppose, but you doubt you could keep up the ruse in an actual fight. Rivers, well, she’s got a good scowl going, but that’s about it. Marshall… well, maybe playing up that lost arm could work, but you’re having a hard time seeing it otherwise. Yvonne’s tiny, and while you’ve seen what Crosswinds can do in a fight, she doesn’t seem nearly as fierce. Then there’s Starling, who’s just not intimidating at all no matter how you look at it.

Well, you may as well tell them what’s going on.

“Everyone brace yourselves,” you say, grabbing the nearby bench. “We’re about to stop. Then Rider’s going to try to scare off the raiders.”

“That’s nuts,” Pubert says. “One man against however many crossbows? He’ll get killed.”

“Rider’s pretty tough, but yeah, that’s a problem with the plan. So I was hoping to come up with something to improve on it other than ‘if the talks go bad, run like hell’, but I’m drawing a blank.”

“Well, I might have an idea,” Pubert says. “Could see my way to doing it if you untie me.”

You give him the most skeptical look you can manage.

You’re now Pubert. You figured this guy wouldn’t want to let you go; he probably thinks you’re just looking for a way to save your own skin. In fairness, that is your main concern at the moment, so you can’t entirely blame him.

How can you persuade him to give you a chance?

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I know more about the stone and their tactics than any of you. If you untie me, I’ll tell you what you should do with them.