Swamped Chapter 33 Page 15

You decide to do an equipment check. You confirm that you’ve still got your slicer, then you poke around in your pouch to make sure everything’s there. Not that you had much left after being captured.

All they left you with after a search was some string, your water flask, and your cards. The flask is empty, as the Marshguards thought it worthwhile to get whatever clean water they could. You can feel all of those… wait, where’s the book?

No, wait. You don’t have your cards with you, you left them with Dean when you escaped. You mistook the book for the cards because you only felt the binding at first, and it felt enough like the card box to confuse you. You flip a few pages to be sure; that’s the book, all right.

Maybe this heat is getting to you. It’s hard to think straight. You step into the wagon, since you think you’ve done all you can for the moment.

Thankfully, it’s cooler inside. You can see Corvus standing beside the wagoner, who’s tied up; and Yvonne has gathered up an assortment of objects, most of which you can’t recognize.

You also see a bench. You sit down on it and breathe a sigh of relief. It’s not especially comfortable, but you haven’t had many chances to sit down today, so you appreciate what you can get.

Soon after, Rivers and Starling step in.

“Rider’s planning to get moving soon,” Rivers says. “Got anything to tell him before he does, Boss? Or anyone else, I guess.”

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Well, Yvonne found something disturbing among the wagon’s cargo. But don’t let that slow us down, let’s get this show on the road, pronto!
it’s disturbing by grebling standards and ‘oh god, take it away’ by human standards