Swamped Chapter 33 Page 10

You think you might have come on too strong. You’ve got to lead them to an answer, not push them towards it.

Where to start, though… ah. Maybe try to get them talking from their own perspective.

“How’d you get stuck in this business, anyhow?”

Pubert sits quietly for a good while, before finally speaking.

“Dad was deep in debt. They offered to clear up half of it if he handed me over to work for them, so he did. Bet he hasn’t learned a thing and he’s dug himself even deeper in the hole, not that I’ve got a clue.”

You know well what that long pause before answering meant. Back when you were a courier, it didn’t take long for you to stop trusting anyone – except Ash, who was using you. But Pubert here doesn’t even have an Ash looking out for them. They’ve got no one.

So they either figured it didn’t matter if they told you the truth, or they gave you a fake story to try and shut you up. Either way, you’ve got a lot of layers of distrust to work through here.

Maybe you should try opening up a bit here, as a sign of good faith. Tell them something about your own experiences as a courier.

But what can you talk about?

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Tell Pubert about the time you had a courier job go wrong due to taiga monkeys. That ought to lighten the mood!

come join the bogknights!