Swamped Chapter 33 Page 8

“First of all, you should stand back,” Rider says suddenly.

You know enough to listen when he says that sort of thing. You and Corvus back away from the door, as Rider wedges his spear into the frame and starts prying. Before long, the door pops open, and Rider marches in. Corvus isn’t far behind.

You decide to follow them, though you make sure to watch from a safe distance.

“We’re commandeering this vehicle,” Rider says. “You can have it back once we reach shelter, at which point you’re free to do what you will with it.”

“You can’t do this! I’ll be late! Do you even know what they’ll do to me?”

“I know exactly what they’ll do to you,” Corvus says. “They’ll yell at you, whip you a few times, yell at you some more, and keep it up until you’re begging them to let you take on another job. A harder job. And all you’ll ask for in return is for the beatings to stop.”

There’s an uncomfortable silence for a while, before the wagoner finally speaks up again.

“Who the hell are you? How could you possibly know so much? You can’t be a runaway, or you’d be dead by now.”

“That isn’t your concern,” Rider says. “Corvus, is there any rope around here?”

“Yeah, hold on, I think I see some.”

Corvus ties up the wagoner, with Rider watching out. After it’s done, Rider starts walking away.

“I’ll take care of the horse now. Corvus, I trust you can keep an eye on our friend here.”

“Sure,” Corvus says. “It’s no problem.”

You’re now Corvus. You’ve got to watch over this poor sap of a courier. That grebling is hanging around; she seems unsure of what to do with herself.

What are you going to do?

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Tell the grebling to search the wagon and make sure there aren’t any surprises. Meanwhile, better get the wagoneer’s name.

(It’s Pubert.)

You know exactly what this wagoneer’s gotten themselves into, and you’re going to talk them into helping your group out instead.