Swamped Chapter 33 Page 5

You’re now Yvonne.

You’re looking at this crew. Rider’s been kind enough, but he doesn’t look it, to say the least. The one-armed kid seems all right, but you don’t want to send someone inexperienced. And Rivers is hardly personable.

The other two, you don’t really have a read on yet. Point is, you’re looking like the best bet out of anyone here.

“I’ll go,” you say. “Everyone else, stay back, and watch for trouble.”

You walk up to the wagon and knock on the side door. You back up a bit as you wait for a response, just in case they think of you as a threat.

The door opens, and a human looks out. They’re dressed in loose clothes with the ends tucked into their gloves and boots, and they’ve got a bandanna over their face, with a hood covering the rest of their head. They’re also wearing goggles, but these ones look significantly lower-quality than the lenses built into your mask, or the ones the swamp soldiers are wearing.

All in all, they look like they’ve been preparing for a trip to the desert, but on a very limited budget. However, you don’t see a weapon on them, or even an empty sheath.

“Who are you?” they ask suspiciously.

How do you respond?

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pretend you don’t speak their language. make bird noises instead

They probably know what a grebling is, that ruse’d just draw more suspicion.

Be relatively honest, explain that you’re from a local research crew but you got separated from your base during a scouting patrol and could use a ride back.

If their response seems on the level, mention that you bumped into some other folks as well and were they aware of this weird swamp-desert phenomenon going on?