Swamped Chapter 33 Page 3

At the edges of your vision, you can barely make out some kind of large shape. It might be a wagon; you think you can two long trails through the sand leading to it. Could be wheels.

Or sandsnakes, you suppose. It’s hard to tell.

You can also see a large imprint beside it. It looks vaguely like a footprint? But you’ve never seen a creature that big.

You opt to walk closer to get a better look. As it happens, you can do this while staying in the pillar’s shadow.

“Watch your step,” Rider says suddenly. “There’s dangers below the sand here.”

“Right,” you say. You pull up your long goggles and focus on the path ahead of you. A scorpion scurries past; it’s probably just as well you didn’t step on it.

When you reach the edge of the shadow, you put the long goggles on again. You can make out the wagon clearly now, but it doesn’t seem to be moving.

You call out to the group about the wagon, but as you do, you hear something moving nearby. You might have made too much noise.

You turn around to see what’s been stirred by your careless yelling.

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