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You’re now Marshall.

You’ve been through a lot since last night. Thrown in a cell, questioned several times, and then there’s the whole business of your escape.

This whole time, you’ve been aching to have your questions answered, and you’ve only now started to scratch the surface of them.

And the man who knows more about this whole mess than anyone is about to disappear before your eyes.

You can’t accept that. You step closer.

“I’m coming, too.”

Rider doesn’t object. He doesn’t even seem surprised.

“Now hold on a second.”

You’re Corvus now, and you feel a need to make a show of things.

“Marshall’s still a prisoner here, and we can’t just have prisoners running off, even with Council members,” you continue. “Somebody’s got to make sure you get brought back to base safe and sound when this whole mess is over with.”

You step forward, smirking.

Of course, Rider doesn’t let you off easy.

“Corvus, what kind of reckless example is that to set for your squad?” he asks.

“The same kind of reckless example a Council member is setting for me, I suppose.” You glance back at Rivers. “Of course, I bet Rivers has more sense than I do.”

“You’re all mad,” she yells back. “Do what you want, I’m not getting involved.”

You’re now Shrike, and you’ve got a problem.

You were taking care of things at the menagerie when Starling burst in. When she saw you, she ran off suddenly. You don’t know what’s gotten into her, but you’re pretty sure that having her run around in a panic won’t do any good.

Unfortunately, she got a good headstart on you and you’ve lost track of… wait, you think you see someone. You rush over.

It’s Claws.

“What’s your hurry, Shrike?” she asks. She seems really annoyed.

“Starling seemed upset. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on.”

“Well, don’t go down that hallway,” Claws says. “That’s an order.”

So of course, right at that moment, Starling suddenly rushes past you and runs down that exact hallway before you can react.

“I suppose that order applies to her, too?”

Claws just groans in response.

You’re now Marshall again and, who’s that running this way? You don’t think you’ve seen her before.

She runs over to Corvus and stops suddenly.

“Boss, I’ve got something really important to tell you…”

“No! Look, we don’t have time for this,” Rivers says. She marches forward and grabs the other girl by the arm. “We need to get away from here now, or we’ll…”

All of a sudden, you feel very dizzy.

You’re now Shrike.

You pulled away from Claws and just saw five people, a grebling, and a mostly-headless lizard-worm disappear before your very eyes.

For just the briefest of moments, though, you saw where they went to. There was a vast expanse of sand, broken up only by a tall stone pillar.

No, you didn’t just see it. You felt it. You were there, but only for a moment. You can even still feel the intense heat.

And you think you’re starting to feel a little sick.

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pass out

Better record your observations while they’re still fresh in your memory.