Swamped Chapter 32 Page 28

You don’t see anything happening right away, and decide that’s enough time spent on this. You’re getting to the gateway now.

But as you get off the lizard-worm, it seems to slow down. And it seems to be getting a little longer… no, quite a big longer, actually.

You estimate that it’s just had about two days of regrowth in less than a minute. Could the leaf have accelerated its natural healing cycle?

The growth spurt seems to have stopped after that, though. That’s fortunate. Even better, it seems to have calmed down. Whether that’s due to the leaf or the regrowth, you can’t be sure.

Regardless, you manage to get it following you again. It should definitely be under observation for a few days, whether that’s bringing it back to the desert or handing it over to someone here to take care of.

Soon enough, you make it to the gateway, the worm still following you. You quickly write a note about the leaf to hand off to Keeper. You plan on staying under here until the compass shows the gateway opening, so there’s less chance someone will capture you.

It’s almost time. All you have to do is wait.

You glance at your notebook. Is there anyone else here you want to leave a note for? This is going to be your last chance, and you’ve got nothing else to do except keep an eye on this mostly-headless lizard-worm. Might as well make sure you don’t have any regrets when you leave.

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Rivers was pretty helpful

the one who played the piano

I know there already kinda was a goodbye but for real this is the one ship that needs to sail.

Oh also tell Keeper about the leaves’ effect.

Should proooobably leave an apology for Crosswinds too.