Swamped Chapter 32 Page 26

You decide to chase down the lizard-worm. Crosswinds probably isn’t seriously injured, if that armor is worth anything. And if you don’t catch it, well, it’ll give someone an unpleasant surprise once its head grows back.

You press forward as fast as you can. Soon the lizard-worm is in sight, but it seems agitated.

Odd. You wouldn’t have expected crows to be among their predators. Perhaps it just panicked because the sound wasn’t familiar.

Regardless, without its eyes, it’s not hard for you to catch up. You grab it by the end of the tail, but it doesn’t do you much good; you’re more likely to be dragged along with it rather than be able to lead it anywhere. Still, at least you won’t lose track of it now.

Maybe if you can calm it down and get in front of it, you can lead it with your tail again. But how do you even calm a headless lizard-worm? You don’t know much about dealing with them; your team tended to just avoid their territory entirely.

With your free hand, you check the compass. You seem to have gotten off course a bit. More worryingly, it looks like you only have a few minutes before the gateway opens. Whatever you’re going to do, you’ll have to do it fast if you don’t want to be stuck in this stupid swamp.

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fuck it! once you’re out of here, the worm, the pigs, the what the fuck ever are NOT YOUR PROBLEM

Shove a sleepy time swamp leaf down the gullet of its head stump, maybe that’ll make it more docile and suggestible. If you lost track of yours, maybe Crosswinds has ’em.

You literally don’t have time for this