Swamped Chapter 32 Page 25

You think desperately, but nothing comes to mind. So, you resort to what you’ve done the rest of the day when you were out of ideas.

You make a crow call.

This is most likely just going to draw Crosswinds’ attention to you sooner, but the conversation might go slightly better if you start it.

Suddenly, you feel a strong bump behind you. It seems your birdcall has agitated the lizard-worm, and despite its limited senses, it’s rushing forward as fast as it can.

You’re prepared for it, and can shift yourself out of the way before it bounds past. Crosswinds isn’t so lucky. The worm rams them with a speed you didn’t expect it to be able to achieve, then goes bounding past.

You head over quickly to investigate. Crosswinds is lying still, groaning. They seem to be conscious, but in pain, and they aren’t reacting to you at all.

What should you do?

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follow that worm!