Swamped Chapter 32 Page 14

You decide to just come clean, and figure out the next step based on how he reacts.

“Well,” you say, “your Rider came back, and he asked me for help, and we got separated, and I was hoping the pigs could track him down, but…”

And the next thing you know, Mantis turns around and rushes out of the room, only pausing for a moment to put the pigs back down.

“Please put those back in their pens,” he calls back to you. What’s gotten into him…

…oh. He must be looking for Rider now. That might be a problem.

The pigs are already heading back towards the pen. Mantis must have scared them, too.

Now what do you do?

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forget the pigs, you’ve got to find rider before this shady mantis character does!

On the off chance that you can’t find rider, you can at least make it to the homeward portal by following the compass.

Right now you can either follow Mantis or follow the compass. If they’re both heading the same direction, so much the better… but don’t let Mantis see it.