Swamped Chapter 32 Page 12

A thought strikes you. The menagerie you saw before. Those are Rider’s animals.

You paid enough attention to the route that you can get back there from the storage room. You do some quick scratching to work out your current position relative to it, and you think you’ve found another way to the animals.

You make your way over there. A quick check confirms there’s no humans around, only beasts. It would be convenient if Rider made a stop over here, but he evidently doesn’t have time.

So you’ll need something that’s safe to handle, and also a good tracker. You’re no expert on swamp animals, though, so you’ll have to rely on your general knowledge of beasts, and hope the swamp variant doesn’t attack you.

You glance around, and see something. A small swamphog.

You know that hogs have a good sense of smell, but how dangerous they are to greblings varies quite a bit. This one’s not very big, though, and its tusks aren’t that sharp. It might be able to pierce your suit if it made a concerted effort at it, but if you don’t actually provoke it, you’ll probably be fine.

So, you take a chance and let it out of its pen. It starts dashing through the halls.

Damn, you hadn’t thought to worry about how fast it was. Still, it was rolling in mud in its pen, so it’s not hard to follow its tracks.

On the other hand, someone else might follow them, too. And even if no one noticed the pig, you can’t exactly follow the trail while you’re below the floor.

What should you do?

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release more pigs, use the confusion to your advantage