Swamped Chapter 32 Page 11

Right now, words won’t cut it. You head over to Strings and give her a hug.

“Hope you can get this mess sorted out,” you say with a sigh. “Oh, yeah, Rider’s going around doing his best to look like a ghost. Maybe it’ll help things if you can clear up that rumor once you’re gone.”

“Oh, so, that’s why the costume trunk was out.”

“Yeah, well, we got a little impatient,” you say apologetically. “Guess I’ll try and get the news to Rider.”

“Good luck.”

“You too.”

You can’t remember ever liking a human this much. You’ll miss her, but you miss your team more.

For now, though, you need to find Rider and tell him the book’s gone. You crawl under the floor again, and try to think about how you’re going to track him down.

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You could release one of his animals

It has a very keen sense of smell, and if let out of its pen, will immediately go hunting for its favourite human(s). Whoever among its preferred handlers is closest gets grody-but-affectionate greeting licks.