Swamped Chapter 32 Page 9

You can’t help it. You’re worried too much about what’s going on with Strings. Did she find the book? Is she telling someone you’re here?

You slip under the floorboards and head in the direction you think you heard her voice from.

It’s quiet here – not many people around, it seems. So when you hear sounds above you, you decide to risk making a hole.

You peek through the hole to try and identify who’s talking. You can see Strings, but you also see the woman with the metal claws you ran into earlier. This seems like trouble. You get back down, and just listen now.

“Now you’re just making excuses. Nobody in the storage room? Oh look, the costume trunk isn’t where I left it! You think I’m going to buy that story?”

Oof. This isn’t sounding good for Strings.

“I wouldn’t lie about something like this! Claws, come on, you know I’ve never caused any problems. I only went there because Rider said he needed help, and didn’t want anyone to know he was back.”

“What a load of nonsense,” Claws grumbles. “I’m through humoring you. You’re confined to quarters until further notice. Better hope the Council doesn’t vote for a stronger punishment.”

Well, this is sounding like a problem. You feel bad about it – you were the one who suggested sending Strings out, after all.

Is there any way you can help her?

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visit strings in their quarters

Follow Claws under the floorboards and make embarrassing flatulent noises whenever they’re around others.

Both Strings and Claws are happy to find you. Just give them that compass, they say…it’s more valuable than you know.