Swamped Chapter 32 Page 8

“He told me about a secret passage to his room,” you say. “I could tell you where it is.”

“That passage is turnin’ out to be less of a secret than I thought,” Crook said. “It got used more than once today. You might have stumbled in there, or seen someone use it. You got a way to prove Rider told you about…”

You’re just thinking about bringing up the book when you realize Crook’s gone silent. You turn around, and spot Rider some distance down the hall, still wearing the robe.

He glances this way a moment. Doesn’t say anything and just continues on. It’s not much, but Crook seems sold.

“I dunno what you did, but I’m not messin’ with Rider whether he’s dead or alive,” Crook says. He lifts you out and puts you down. “Good luck with whatever it is you’re doin’. I gotta go see Razor. Which might just be scarier.”

Then he rushes off with the cart. Leaving you alone for now.

What your next move? Head back to the gateway? Follow Strings? Try to catch up to Rider? Or is there something else that needs your attention?

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Go with Strings!


Stay hidden, though. Strings looks like she’s in a bad mood.