Swamped Chapter 32 Page 4

You don’t want to make noise, but you don’t want to worry this human kid either. Whatever’s going on here, you don’t want to get any more involved in it.

So you attempt to start signing, and hope the kid acknowledges. You start simple, with Peace.

The kid raises a hand in response and… oh. Only one arm. Well, now you feel a little awkward. You think they’re signing want what… oh, they want to know what you’re after.


They seem to be thinking hard about their response. The signal goes, as best as you can tell… tell… thief… question?

Oh, wait. The one pushing the cart, he was named Crook, right? And seems to know about one of his passengers. So the question is, should you let him in on it?

That’s a bit awkward. You can’t even tell where you are… wait, you do still have the compass. You sign “wait a moment” while you consult it.

Hmm. Seems you’re moving away from the rift right now.

So. How are you going to answer the human kid’s question?

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make a “turn around” gesture