Swamped Chapter 32 Page 1

“I think it’d be best to wait for her,” you say. “She might get worried if she can’t find you, and I’m pretty sure you didn’t want to cause a panic.”

“A good point. I worry she may have been delayed, but if I leave without the book, it’s all for naught. And I can’t afford to run around.”

So, with that, you just wait, keeping an ear out for any footsteps. A while later, you hear someone wheeling a cart not too far off.

“A laundry cart?” Rider says, sounding a little confused. “Usually that would have been taken care of much earlier in the day.”

“Should we check that out?”

Before Rider can answer, you hear some other footsteps. You think you hear someone running, and someone else walking.

“I’m not so confident in our ruse that I’d care to test it,” Rider says. “But… it’s possible one of those people is Strings, and it would simplify matters if we could get the book now.”

He’s looking thoughtful. You should probably weigh in.

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what if you hid in the laundry cart
Never fear, you’re now an expert at making bird calls. Make a bird call that sounds like the first bar of “Don’t Play By The River” and do it loud enough that you can be heard from both directions.