Swamped Chapter 31 Page 18

“You got any idea where the compass is pointing?” you ask. “I mean, what’s in that general direction.”

“Sleeping quarters,” Rider says. “That’s about it. Which means we could run into almost anyone.”

You go poking through the box. You find a pair of stilts. You suppose you could pass for human height if you did, but you’re hardly trained at walking like that.

“I guess we could act like we’re pulling some kind of prank,” you say with a shrug, playing around with the stilts. “You’ve gotta have some people here who’d steal some costumes to mess with the prisoners or whatever.”

“That would only cause more problems if we were spotted. I want to avoid drawing attention.”

You dig around some more and find a bedsheet with eyes cut out. Really? A ghost costume? That’s so pathetic…

An idea strikes you.

“Everybody thinks you’re gone, right? So how about we play that up. Get you looking like a ghost. Anyone who sees you will think it’s the vengeful spirit of Rider.”

“I am not putting that sheet over my head.”

“Nah, I figured… if we got you chains to rattle, or whatever. I don’t know what kind of ghost stories you have out here.”

“Hmm. I have concerns, but I can’t see a better approach. We’ll just have to hope we don’t run into anyone clever enough to see through the ruse.”

Well, you’ve got some kind of plan, at least. Now, which of these costumes can you make use of for this?

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disguise yourselves in pajamas so it just looks like you’re about to go to sleep