Swamped Chapter 31 Page 17

You look around.

You’d mostly been focused on the piano before, but now that you’re looking again, this seems to be a sort of storage room. You recall that Crosswinds mentioned a sort of acting company… maybe they keep their props here.

In fact, with a little bit of poking around, you find a box labeled “COSTUMES”.

“Well, there’s this,” you say, opening the box.

A few of the costumes seem to be just your size. Maybe Crosswinds is part of this. There’s some more that are big enough for Rider.

Of course, there’s a problem that immediately comes to mind: all of these costumes would be strikingly out of place. Everyone here wears a uniform, after all, so even something that would be entirely normal in a city would stand out.

But maybe there’s something you can do with these. You need to think about it for a bit.

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you disguise yourself as a human, rider disguises himself as a woman

Definitely use some stilts to disguise yourself as human, that sounds fun.

Ask Rider what general facilities are in the direction where the compass is pointing. Maybe a partial costume will be effective depending on the types of activities that typically take place there.

rider not only disguises himself as a woman, but as a nurse thanks to a sexy halloween costume

Nurse Hottbottom left the swamp years ago! Rider would be noticed instantly!

Midway through crafting your plan, Rider shoves you into a satchel…Strings is taking too long…she must have made a detour to report to someone.

this is really just M*A*S*H isn’t it

I searched “M*A*R*S*H” into Google and it gave me:

8.3144598 m3 kg s-1 A K-1 mol-1

So now that is a suggestion for the pseudomagical science of this world. The MARSH factor.