Swamped Chapter 31 Page 15

“So. Seems you’re a bigshot around here,” you say.

“That doesn’t matter right now. There’s urgent work to be done in the desert. I’ll resume my duties once that’s taken care of.”

“Things got real bad after I got sent here, huh?”

“So your team informs me.”

You glance at the compass in his hands.

“We dug that up a while ago,” you say. “You figured out what it does?”

“I wouldn’t say we discerned its purpose,” Rider says. “But it seems to point towards the nearest gateway. It seems they drift a bit, and open at unpredictable intervals. Or, unpredictable without the compass, at least.”

“Hang on, that compass is a few centuries old. But if the gateways were opening and closing as much as they are now, we would’ve noticed something a long time ago.”

“Agreed. Something must have changed recently.”

His tone of voice gives the impression that he has an idea of what that “something” is.

Should you press him on it, or move onto another topic of conversation? Or is there something else you could do while you wait for Strings to get back?

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Ask the Rider about his injuries/inability to stand.