Swamped Chapter 31 Page 14

You have a thought. You sit down by Rider and start on “Don’t Play By the River”, but stop a few bars in.

Strings starts tapping her fingers to the beat, and continues even after you stop. A short while later, she gets up.

Then she turns around and nearly falls over again.

“Rider… He’s really back,” she says, blankly. “It wasn’t a dream?”

“I can’t stay long,” Rider says, still leaning on his spear. “There’s too much to be done. Strings, I’m afraid I can’t recall. You can read music, but can you read words?”

“Uh, some. Not a lot.”

“There’s a book in Common on my shelf. Dreamers of Alexandria: Forbidden Romance in the Desert. The author’s name is Christopher; you probably won’t recognize the last name.”

“I should be able to make out most of those words. Alexandria and Forbidden would be a bit rough, but unless you’ve got a lot of other books like that, I can manage.”

“Good,” Rider groans. “And don’t tell anyone you saw me. It would just cause needless trouble.”

“What if someone sees me go into your room?”

Rider groans.

“I suppose it would be best for you to use the secret passage.”

He explains its location, and with that, Strings runs off. It’s just you and Rider in here.

So now what?

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Ask how he knew your name.

You’re kinda a big deal here, huh?

I heard you fought a wizard.

Ask about the compass