Swamped Chapter 31 Page 13

“It’s pronounced ee-von,” you say, almost automatically. Your heart pounds as you think about it – only Simone pronounces it the way he did.

“My apologies,” he groans. “But, this is fortunate. It seems I can take care of at least one other matter when I return… assuming I can find my strength, that is.”

“Are you saying… you can take me back?”

He nods.

“Not for a while, though. First, I need to regain the strength to stand. And then I have to get back to my room, there’s a book I need.”

A book? You’re an avid reader when you have the time for it, but you wouldn’t mess with whatever business he’s been involved in just for one book.

Unless, of course, it was special.

“For wizardry?”

“That isn’t important right now. I need the book before I can go back.”

“I’ll get it,” you say, leading him to the piano bench. “You stay here. You need rest.”

“I doubt Razor would let you roam the base freely,” Rider says. “And he’d hardly believe I gave you permission unless he saw me himself. Which, frankly, I’d rather avoid. If he finds out I’m here, he’ll never let me leave.”

“Well, we could try to rouse Strings and have her get it…”

“I would have preferred to do this without anyone realizing I was here, but I suppose it’s too late for that. She’s seen me already, and if you were to just vanish there’d be a needless panic.” He sighs. “But I suppose I should know by now, plans are never as simple as you think they’ll be.”

Well. Now the question is, how do you wake up Strings.

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the old roger rabbit, play half a tune and they’ll HAVE to fill in the rest