Swamped Chapter 31 Page 12

The strangest thing about the scent is that it seems to be coming from everywhere, but when you actually smell a specific thing, you can’t pick it up at all.

You smell the walls, the floor, the piano. Nothing. But the scent still seems to be all around you.

Suddenly, a thought strikes you. Could you be in the middle of one of the shifts to the desert? You were unconscious when you were brought here, so you can’t say for sure… but what if the smell is the desert encroaching on the swamp?

You have no idea how to explain that to Strings, though. She seems even more confused than you.

But… you’re starting to feel it. Something is getting closer. Strings seems to be aware of it, too.

And all of a sudden, a man in Marshguard armor appears in the middle of the room, struggling to stand up. His armor is tattered, and he’s barely managing to lean on his lance for support. He’s staring at a compass in his hand.

Strings faints at the sight. By Reth, you do not want to deal with this on your own.

The man looks up and glances at you.

“Yvonne, I presume?”

How do you respond?

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That compass!!

Help him from falling over. Ask why he knows your name (you recall telling crosswinds your name was Vivian

correcting his pronunciation

Only Simone pronounces it the way he did.

they pronounce it so it rhymes with simone

they pronounce their own name “simon”