Swamped Chapter 31 Page 6

“So… did Mantis catch all those creatures back there?”

“Just the Fenguin,” Crosswinds says. “And that’s only because it showed up outta nowhere right on our doorstep. Rider tamed the rest of ’em.”

You’ve heard that name a few times, but it didn’t really stick out.

“So what was Mantis even doing there, then? After he saw the note, what reason did he have to stick around?”

“Hell if I know. Mantis always does that sort of thing. He shows up somewhere, doesn’t say a word, and then leaves. Seen it happen dozens of times, still got no clue why. Even his disciples don’t know, they just figure it’s part of his quest for enlightenment or something.”

“That man has disciples?” You’re finding it a little hard to believe that.

“It’s not that weird. Say you’re a real believer and you find yourself stuck here. Or maybe you find religion after whatever you gotta get away from. Either way, Mantis is the only game in town, so you wind up going to him. The disciples are just a little more eager about the whole business, that’s all.”

“Huh. I guess that makes sense… hang on, though, they can’t all be from the same sect, can they?”

“Doesn’t matter to ’em, at least not after the first month or two. Like I said, Mantis is the only game in town. Now, it’s true there’s been more than a few folk who had trouble getting their heads around that, but they came around in the end.”

Suddenly, Crosswinds stops.

“All right, we’re here. Since I ain’t about to declaw you or lock you in a metal box, best option I got is to keep you entertained until Razor lets you leave.”

Crosswinds leads you out into a new room. What is this place, exactly?

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there’s a shitty piano here. crosswinds is gonna entertain you with some homespun ragtime