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You can’t really tell where you are at first; you can barely see a thing, it smells like a zoo in here, and your ears are distracted by the sounds of agitated animals.

It takes you a moment to regain your bearings and realize that you’re in the middle of a menagerie of swamp creatures.

“Why’d you bring me here?” you ask. “Are you aiming to feed me to an alligator?”

“Nah. I just figured they’d be getting hungry. And since I need to keep an eye on you, might as well have you help out in the meantime. This ain’t our last stop, but it’s on the way. Don’t worry, hardly anyone comes this way.”

Most of the creatures unnerve you.

“What exactly do you want me to do?”

Crosswinds points to a mop in the corner.

“I figure you’re not really up for feeding ’em. So just clean up whatever mess got outside the pens.”

And with that, they leave you alone and start looking at feed bags. But you get the sense they’re paying close attention to what you’re doing.

You head over and grab the mop, but as you do, you notice that one of the cages has a Greater Fenguin. There’s a note on the wall next to it.

“do not feed yet. being preserved for examination. unsure of how diet compares to lesser fenguin. animal expert among prisoners, plan to consult.”

“Hey, how long has this Greater Fenguin been here?” you ask.

“Mantis caught it last night. Doesn’t want anyone else going near it.”

“Last night? And it hasn’t been fed yet? That’s a problem, they get real desperate if they go too long without food.”

“Yeah? Well, I’d be happy to take care of it, if you know what the damn thing eats,” Crosswinds says. “So what do you know about this big guy?”

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lovable scamp eats honey. hey ain’t there bees ’roundabout here