Swamped Chapter 30 Page 9

“I just want to get out of this damn swamp,” you say, weakly. “Let me go and I’ll be out of your hair and never come back.”

She doesn’t seem particularly convinced. You contemplate trying an attack in desperation, but she’s holding your arms down and your teeth aren’t sharp enough to even inconvenience her.

“Look, I can’t last out here. I haven’t been here a day and I feel like I’m dying.”

“Crosswinds seems to get by well enough,” your captor says. She walks away from the ladder, and towards the inner wall. Probably figures you’re trying to break free, and she doesn’t want to give you a chance to jump.

“I’m not Crosswinds. I’m not prepared for this at all.”

That’s odd, you think you hear something nearby. Someone groaning? But you don’t see anyone else…

“Then what’s that suit for?”

“It’s desert survival gear. It’s just that the desert’s fiercer than the swamp in general. But it’s where I’ve got to be. I don’t want to get in anyone’s way here, I just want to leave.”

Is that sound coming the other side of the wall? It’s more than a little distracting.

“Yeah, well, with all the trouble we’ve had today, I’m having a hard time ignoring the suspiciously out-of-place grebling. Maybe you didn’t have anything to do with any of our problems, but I can’t let you out of my sight until I can say that for sure.”

You almost wish Crosswinds were here. At the very least, you wish whatever’s making that noise would stop, it’s hard enough to concentrate as it is. Still, you try your best to think of a way out.

This woman doesn’t seem very open to persuasion, and she’s got you significantly outmatched physically. But if you could just get her to put you down, you could probably make a run for freedom.

Is there any way you could distract her, perhaps?

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