Swamped Chapter 30 Page 8

You’ve had enough of this.

You can climb faster than humans, and you’ve got your glider wings to get out once you’re in the roost. It doesn’t matter if you’re spotted, as long as you can keep ahead of your pursuers. After that, you know how to leave the swamp, so you can just leave and then work on finding your way back to the desert.

So, you just rush out and scramble up the ladder, ignoring the surprised shouts from the Marshguards in the hall. If you can just make it out now, you can put this whole mess behind you.

Unfortunately, your plan runs into a small snag when a Marshguard greets you at the top of the ladder. She grabs you just as you scramble onto the ground, and you can’t help but notice that her gauntlets have very sharp claws on them.

“A grebling?” she asks. “What, is Crosswinds throwing a party? Or maybe the Bogknights sent you to spy on us?”

Well. Now you’ve done it. Her grip’s too tight to force your way out, not to mention those claws could easily tear through your suit if she were so inclined. So, you’ll either need to say something very convincing, or pull off some kind of clever trick to get her to let you go.

It’s that or just give up and let them throw you in a cell. But you can’t give up, not when you’re this close to freedom.

So what are you going to do?

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come on, i’m just trying to get out of the swamp. my kind can’t live here, i’ve been here a day and i feel like i’m dying

Bite her in the throat