Swamped Chapter 30 Page 6

Well. You’ve been wary of the crow noises because they might draw attention.

But right now, that’s actually a benefit. It’s a reason for Rivers to investigate.

So you start crowing.

“What the hell? What’s making that noise?”

That’s not either Rivers or Rotmouth talking. You think you might have heard that voice in the mess hall?

“Legs! There’s a hole in that cell. I think the crowing came from it. I was going to take a look at it, but then Rotmouth here started giving me a hard time.”

“Oh, really,” says Legs. “You know, Rotmouth, you’re not exactly in a position to be giving orders to anyone here.”

“All I said was there’s going to be trouble if she widens that hole to look in deeper. Someone’s going to have to fix it. Or do you have permission to just go around breaking walls whenever you like?”

“Well, this is easy enough to settle. Butterfly! Can you get over here for a minute?”

You hear a pause before someone else starts talking.

“Yeah? What do you want?”

Hmm, that voice is familiar. Wasn’t she talking when you stopped by this cell earlier?

“You and Ringer are the guards on duty. So! Rivers here wants to widen the hole in that cell to take a look at what’s behind it. Do you both agree to let her do that?”

One ring.

“Fine by me, but I hope it’s not a waste of our time.”

“Well. There you have it,” Legs says. “I don’t know that you’ll find the prisoner, but maybe you’ll catch whatever keeps making that noise, at least.”

It takes a little while, but you soon hear some noises. A little while later, Rivers is in the crawlspace with you.

“All right,” she grumbles. “You better get this down, because I’m not saying it more than once. Start from the front door of the base…”

You write frantically. It’s not easy in the cramped space, but this is critical information. When she’s done talking, you put your notes away.

“Good,” you say. “Now I need to actually get to the front door. Or maybe your roost and I can improvise from there.”

“Can’t help you much with that,” she says. “I’m in enough trouble already. Just get out of here and out of my hair, that’s all I want.”

And with that, she leaves.

Now what?

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It’s either crawl your way back to the outdoors, find your way to the roost so you can glide to the front door of the base, or try to trace your way to the front door from under the floor boards.

First option is risky because Crosswinds and probably Keeper could cut you off. And actually, Crosswinds might think to intercept you if you try for the front door from down here too. But who would expect you to head to the roost? If you can find it, that is…

Can you hear any crow sounds?