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“Maybe your prisoner got out before the floodgates near the entrance went up,” you say. “You can at least use that as an excuse to go under the floor and we can finish this conversation.”

“That hole’s not big enough,” Rivers grumbles.

“Yeah, but maybe there’s another passage into the escapee’s cell that’s hard to see topside. Or just say you’re trying to see if someone could fit under there. Look, if you don’t help me here, I’m probably going to wind up getting in your hair again.”

“Fine,” Rivers grumbles. “I’ll give it a try.”

You head back through the hole, and listen.

“Hey, what’s the big idea?” you hear Rivers say. “I’m trying to check out this cell, and I don’t appreciate you barging over here and distracting me.”

“I don’t care about that,” says another voice. “I just want to know why this guy’s loitering around.”

“He’s a guard here. He’s probably keeping an eye out in case one of the other prisoners tries something while we’re busy.”

You hear a bell ringing.

“See? One ring means yes. He’s agreeing with me.”

“Doesn’t seem like he’d have a good view from here.”

You hear… three rings?

“Oh, what?” Rivers says, sounding upset. “Keeping an eye on me? Now that’s just uncalled for. I was just looking at the hole in this cell here. Don’t see why you’d expect that to make trouble.”

“What hole?” There’s a pause in the conversation. “Huh. That one? Doesn’t look big enough for a human. Maybe a grebling could squeeze through there, but I’m pretty sure all our prisoners are human. Is this even the right cell?”

Two rings.

“Hey. The boss said to check things out – and, I might remind you, he’s your boss too for now. So I’m checking things out. Maybe something’s hidden down that hole, something that helped the prisoner escape.”

“Yeah? Like what?”

“Don’t know. Maybe if I open up the hole wider and take a look, I’ll see something.”

“Yeah? And who says you can do that? That hole’s gonna have to be fixed, or we’ll be out a cell. You wanna wait for the boss to get back so you can ask him?”

There’s a pause.

Well. This conversation doesn’t seem to be going where you’d like. Is there anything you can do from here to help Rivers out?

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