Swamped Chapter 30 Page 2

You decide to listen in and try to find out who Rivers is talking to. But all you can hear is the occasional ringing of a bell. Strange.

Well, that bell probably doesn’t belong to Razor or Crosswinds or anyone else who might cause trouble for you. Your best option is to just get those directions and get out of the swamp as soon as possible. So, you go for the crow call, and then wait near the hole.

“Hang on one second,” you hear Rivers say. “I think I heard something.”

She pauses for a moment.

“Can I have your keys for a second?”

You hear the bell again, then you hear the door opening.

“Was this the missing prisoner’s cell?”

Two rings.

“Huh. Why even bother locking it, then? Well, I’ll take a look around it. You can get on with whatever you were doing.”

Two rings.

“You’re sticking around? Ugh, whatever.”

Rivers crawls over to the hole. You see her staring right at you.

“Hmm. Don’t think this hole’s big enough for someone to get through. But it does lead under the floor, looks like. When’s the last time we had someone look at these cells?”

You hear the bell a few times.

“Wasn’t looking for an actual answer. I just mean we could have other cells in bad shape. I’m going to take a closer look around this one, why don’t you see if the escapee’s cell has a hole like this one… hey, what are you doing?”

Before you know it, Rivers gets shoved aside and a human hand picks you up. It takes you a moment to work out what’s happening; all you know is that another Marshguard is holding you up to his eye and silently glaring at you. He’s got a good grip on you, too; you can’t really move your arms.

How should you handle this?

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Different approach this time… Smile! Introduce yourself!

If that doesn’t work, it’s back to struggling, probably with head butts.