Swamped Chapter 30 Page 1

You think carefully.

All you really need is a window. Perhaps if you explore, you can find one. You opt to take a route you didn’t earlier; hopefully, whatever’s going on outside has left Crosswinds distracted.

You think back on the routes you took. You think you saw a corner past the prison cells, so that seems as good a place to start as any.

As you pass by the hole from earlier, though, you think you hear Rivers talking. Hmm. If you can get some directions from her, maybe you’ll actually be able to get out of this nightmare. If you’re very lucky, you might even be able to get some help with escaping the base.

Your first thought is the crow call – it’s been some hours since you last used that, so they’ve probably stopped worrying about the crows being on the loose.

On the other hand, Keeper’s surely realized you’ve run off by now. For all you know, the whole base might be looking for you… and for that matter, you don’t know if the alarm’s been resolved.

Maybe you should just stick to the plan and keep going down this corridor. But, you still don’t know a way out of the swamp, and Rivers is your best chance at getting one.

What should you do?

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Risk exposure to make contact with Rivers, as long as whomever she’s talking to isn’t Crosswinds or that Razor human.