Swamped Chapter 3 Page 7

You ask around and find out where the other knights go when they have downtime. It turns out they don’t have much, but there is a lounge.

When you head over there, you find it nearly empty. There are only three knights sitting around, all of them a few years older than you. You can’t help but notice that two of them seem to be rather pointedly ignoring each other.

You decide to ask the third if she knows why.

“Don’t know. They’re not on my squad.”

“Why not? Does the whole squad not get time off at once?”

She looks at you briefly and shakes her head.

“Right, you’re alone in training,” she says thoughtfully. “So you wouldn’t have learned about squad duty yet. Well, squads as a whole don’t get a break. Instead, we rotate who’s on active duty, who’s in reserve watching them, and who’s back here. I do have another squadmate off-duty right now, but he’s not very social. Usually he just goes to his room and works on his rather noisy personal project.”

You do remember hearing some strange noises on your way here, but you assumed they were just something in the swamp that you’d rather not know about.

Regardless, you seem to have struck up a conversation and now you’re not sure what to do next. Do you ask her more questions? Or perhaps try to talk to one of the other two knights?

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Let’s keep the conversation going, introduce yourself and all that. Umm how long’s she been in the Bogknights?


What’s that noisy project?

Do you know any games? Like rock paper scissors? Or is that a different thing here

Got any cards?