Swamped Chapter 29 Page 10

It suddenly strikes you that the door to the counter area opens into this room. If you could prop up something, like this pike… yeah, the shaft seems sturdy enough. You just need some good supports…

Before you know it, you’ve pushed two boxes up against the wall and have the pike wedged in between them. Seems you let your imagination get ahead of you again. After all, the moment you have it all set up, you realize that Keeper can probably go around to the other door, and you definitely don’t have the time to block that one, too.

Well, since you’ve already made this big mess, it doesn’t seem worth going for finesse. You can’t find the hatch, so you just head for your hole and start tearing through it.

You’ve wasted enough time here. You need to find your way out. You’ve had enough, you’ll find a way out without anyone’s help.

Fortunately, you’re in familiar territory. You know exactly how to get back to where you entered the base in the first place…

…and of course, now there’s a floodgate blocking your exit. Wonderful. You also hear a lot of boots overhead, so slipping out through the main door doesn’t seem likely to work either.

Well. Now what?

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Explore down one of the branches that were ignored earlier. There has to be some way out, and maybe you’ll find out more about the real situation here.