Swamped Chapter 29 Page 9

As Keeper heads out again, you already feel frustrated.

You’re sick of this. You’re not going to just stick around here. If trouble comes, you’d rather be long gone.

The easiest way back down is probably to unblock the hole you used before. It’s out of Keeper’s field of view, so you should be able to clear it out a bit at a time without him noticing.

You immediately realize a problem with this idea: Crosswinds. They most likely blocked off the hole, so your modifications might get noticed on that side.

Your other option is finding a way to pick the lock on the actual hatch Crosswinds used. Which, come to think of it, you didn’t actually see while you were under the floor. And while you can remember where it was, it blends in better than you’d expect; you can’t see a single seam anywhere.

Maybe you could surprise Keeper and tie him up so you can work uninterrupted… then again, if you get caught attacking one of them, what limited goodwill you’ve built up is probably going to be squandered.

You suppose you could also try picking the lock on the door. If there’s an emergency, chances are the halls would be emptier than usual. Too bad you don’t know anything about picking locks.

Oh, there’s the counter, too. You could jump over that if nobody’s around; you’d just have to find a way past Keeper, as he’s probably too big to jump it easily. The door leading over there isn’t locked, but Keeper’s been spending most of his time there.

So. If you’re getting out of here, how are you going to do it?

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Use the mudpike to barricade the door leading to the counter to keep out Keeper, then continue hunting for the secret hatch.