Swamped Chapter 29 Page 8

You start thinking about what you have available.

You could fashion a sling and launch the leaves, but you’d need something sufficiently elastic… and you can’t see anything adequate around here. Besides, the leaves would need to be tied around something, or they’d just float…

Maybe if you removed the tines on one fork, you could use it as a dart, with the leaf wrapped around it. It might not even have to be a direct hit on the mouth; if the dart pierces deep enough, the sleeping agent might get into their bloodstream. You’d still need a launching mechanism…

Oh, maybe a blowgun? It would be easier to craft one of those than to make an elastic. You just need…

“What are you doing?”

It’s at this point you realize that you’ve been scratching out your blueprints on the wall with your claws and the fork.

“I was thinking about how to defend myself if whatever’s causing that alarm gets in here,” you say. “And, um, I got carried away.”

“Why didn’t you say so, I’ve got a couple of spare mudpikes. We’ve got way too many of the damn things.”

He goes over to a supply closet and pulls one out.

“There you go. Hopefully you won’t need it, but it’s there if you do.”

Well. That was a little embarrassing. He also seemed oddly comfortable with just handing you a weapon, now that you think about it.

Maybe you can use it to get out of here…

“Don’t get any funny ideas about using that for somethin’ else, by the way,” Keeper says.


So now what do you do?

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tunnel out of here

Use the pike to prop up your desert suit to look like you’re just sitting around quietly. Then make your escape!