Swamped Chapter 29 Page 7

You decide that whatever’s going on out there, you want to be ready for it if it comes in here.

One of those pikes you found earlier would be decent, but you doubt you can find any in the kitchen. But maybe there are some knives.

You poke around in some drawers, but all you find are forks.

Well. That makes sense, you suppose. You can’t really slice these leaves. If they’re the main meal in the swamp, knives wouldn’t be much use.

Another problem is that even if you were going to take one of the forks for self-defense, you don’t exactly have a sheath for it.

Hmm. Maybe you can do something with the sleeping leaves. They worked on you pretty fast, after all.

You’ve got plenty of leaves, but just stuffing them into something’s mouth would require you to get uncomfortably close if it’s a beast. And the humans around here all have masks.

Is there something you can do to get a bit more reach?

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Is this an elastic bungee cord? Time to make a forkapault.

Alternatively, some kind of lung-powered dart shooter, with darts made from fork tines and leaves.

Just don’t prick yourself with your new tranquilizer darts…