Swamped Chapter 29 Page 6

You’re just not doing well with Keeper. You decide not to push things for now. Besides, you’re hungry, preferably for something more substantial than swampleaf.

As he gets back to work, you decide to take out your carrot…

Wait a minute, your pouch is gone. Does Crosswinds still have it?

Wonderful. You’re bored, hungry, and your only company is a man who keeps getting upset with you. And you can’t really go anywhere without causing a ruckus.

So you just sit quietly in a corner for a half-hour or so, until you hear an alarm go off.

“What was that?”

“Bad news, but probably not anything you need to worry about,” Keeper mutters. “That’s a call-to-arms, but it’s not an invasion alert, so we’ve got trouble outside. I hope they don’t call me out for whatever it is.”

“Wait, why would they do that? Don’t they need you in here?”

“That’d be far too sensible,” he grumbles. He doesn’t elaborate.

Wonderful. Now you’re still stuck here, still bored, still hungry for something with more flavor than swampleaf, and on top of that there’s some kind of emergency.

So what exactly are you supposed to do? Just sit here while you wait for it to blow over?

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Heck no! You need to find yourself a weapon in case this outside trouble comes looking for you.

See if you can find any promising cutlery.