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You opt to change the subject, since you’ve put him in a foul mood. The weather’s always a good standby.

“So, ah,” you begin. “Think it’ll rain soon?”

You aren’t prepared for the glare he gives you.

“Who even knows any more,” he says, when he finally regains himself. “The last rain came so suddenly, never had one that soon after the storm. We’re lucky we didn’t lose anyone.”

He just sits still for a bit, before going back to work. You’re not sure what you can even say now, so you decide not to say anything and let him resume his duties.

A few minutes later, he rushes back suddenly.

“Open the cabinet!” he says, at what counts as a shout for him. You do so, and he swoops in and grabs two bottles before rushing off. You close the cabinet after him, since presumably that’s what he wants.

He comes back shortly after.

“What was that about…”

“Medical emergency,” he says. “Either that or Corvus pulling a trick that’ll see him get what’s coming to him once he’s found out.” He glances at the cabinet. “Oh, good, you shut it. Thanks for the help.”

Well. He seems to be in a slightly friendlier mood. Should you try talking to him again?

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No, the guy’s clearly got unpredictable mood swings. Maybe now’s a good time to quietly eat your carrot.

…If you can find it, that is!